Kauai Taxi Things You Should Know

North Shore Cab Kauai taxi service goes the Extra Mile. To ensure that you are getting the best taxi service available on Kauai Hawaii, here are some questions to consider. We think you’ll like the answers we gave in a recent interview.

What questions should a consumer ask to hire the right service professional?
– What type of vehicle will be used?
– Will it serve our needs?
– When making arrangements for your child or a woman traveling alone, can I request a woman driver?
– Does the taxi have built in child seats?
Does the taxi company take credit cards?
– Can the 
trip be paid in advance?
– Will the taxi company 
pick-up on delayed flights that come in after midnight?

– Could I arrange for a lei greeting as I arrive in Hawaii
May we arrange to make stops on the way to the final destination?

For North Shore Cab – the answer to all of the questions above is YES!

What are common jobs that North Shore Cab does for their customers?
– Door to door friendly service.

– Being on time.
Loading, unloading and helping 
with luggage.
Watching our customers’ young child in the car seat while parents 
do last minute packing or
 retrieving luggage at baggage claim.

– We meet and greet unaccompanied
 minors and bring them to their destinations.

– We are able to offer customers complimentary 
fresh island fruit to enjoy.
We pay 2x Hawaiian miles for every dollar charged to our customers’ Hawaiin miles credit card as a member of the Hawaiian Airlines Xtra Miles Parter Program

Describe three recent jobs you’ve completed.
A Wedding where we transported the guests 
to and from nearby parking to the reception.
We drove the children from a local pre-school 
To and from their field trip.

– We cleaned litter from our adopted stretch of 
Highway 56 between mile markers 15.7 and 17.7 Kauai HI

What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like North Shore Cabs?
Please call ahead and prearrange your taxi for the Lihue Airport on Kauai.
Have your pickup address or flight information ready.