Driving a taxi and giving visitors as well as Kauai residents a
pleasurable experience is my occupation as well as my passion. My tours of
Kauai are filled with information from my 21 years on this beautiful

The Weather on Kauai

The weather here on the North Shore of Kauai has been in a summerlike holding pattern so far this October.

ahukini landing beautiful kauai weather

We have not had any rain at sea level up north in about a week. The winds have been blowing out of the south lately. Our tradewinds should be back by Friday. We love the tradewinds because they are the island’s natural air-conditioning. The tradewinds of Hawaii are our prevailing winds that blow from the northeast. Tradewinds only occur in tropical areas.

The first big north swell arrived yesterday and peaked last night. I live about a mile from the shoreline and heard it roaring.

Beach Precautions
Always take extra precautions when swimming at any North Shore beach, particularly in the winter months. The winter months are considered October through May. Most North Shore beaches are closed during high surf.

During the summer the North Shore beaches are calm and lakelike (June thru Sept). During the same summer months the south facing shores like Poipu have the high surf.
The reason for this is that it is winter in the southern hemisphere. Right now it is becoming winter in the northern hemisphere so the North Shore surf is just beginning and will occur off and on all winter.

Here’s a boating tip.
The best weather for sightseeing on a boat on Kauai is when the winds are light and variable and blowing 5-15 MPH. So have fun and stay safe.